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AlaSkins Salmon Rolls - made with protein rich salmon skins

Why choose Alaskins for your pet?

Here at AlaSkins, we're passionate about providing your furry friends with the healthiest, most nutritious treats straight from the pristine waters of Alaska. Here are four compelling reasons to choose AlaSkins for your pet:

1. Pure Ingredients

Each treat is made from a single ingredient - 100% wild-caught Alaskan fish skins, with no additives.  Nothing else is added to complicate your pet's digestive system 

Cod dog treats have one ingredient - 100% wild caught cod. 

Salmon dog treats have one ingredient - 100% wild caught salmon.

Halibut dog treats have one ingredient - 100% wild caught halibut.

2. Nutritional Benefits

Packed with protein, Omega-3s, and essential vitamins like A, D, and B12, these treats are a powerhouse of nutrition.

3. Sustainable Practices

AlaSkins is committed to eco-friendly fishing and opposes harmful open net fish farming, ensuring a healthy ecosystem.

4. Zero-Waste Philosophy

Embracing a zero-waste culture, AlaSkins utilizes the entire fish, transforming skins into delicious and nutritious treats. Instead of tossing aside unused fish skins that are filled with nutritional benefits, the whole fish is used, and the skins are turned into incredibly healthy, nutritious and yummy dog treats. We keep fish skins out of our landfills and oceans and instead provide your pet with what is most likely the healthiest pet treat on the market. 

At AlaSkins, we're more than just a pet treat company – we're on a mission to redefine pet nutrition while promoting sustainable practices. Join us in giving your pet the best of Alaska's bounty, one wholesome treat at a time.

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